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Welcome to read the Shandong Iraeta service provision agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement"). The terms and conditions of this Agreement apply to all kinds of tools and services (hereinafter referred to as "services") for trade and communication between enterprises (B-TO-B) in the Shandong Iraeta electronic market.
1 acceptance clause.
Enter the Shandong Iraeta site in any way that you agree to have entered into this agreement with Shandong Iraeta , and you will be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement (the "terms"). Shandong Iraeta may at any time to change the terms". If there is any change in the terms of the Shandong Iraeta , the will publish a notice on its Web site to you. If you do not agree with the relevant changes, you must stop using the service". After the publication of the Shandong Iraeta website, the revised "provision" shall be automatically entered into force immediately. You should first login after carefully read the revised "terms", and have the right to choose to discontinue use of the services; once you continue to use the "service", said you have accepted the revised "terms", when you and Shandong Iraeta dispute should to the latest service co discussion shall prevail. In addition to making a clear statement, any new content that enables the expansion of the scope of services and the enhancement of the function is subject to this agreement. This Agreement shall not be amended except by a written agreement signed by the authorized senior management of Shandong Iraeta .

2 who can use the Shandong Iraeta website?
"Service" is only for the use of individuals or companies that have legally binding contracts under the relevant laws. Therefore, your age must be eighteen years of age or above, you can use the company's services. Please do not use the service if you do not meet this condition ". Shandong Iraeta may, at any time, refuse to provide the service to any person at any time ". "Service" will not be available to the Shandong Iraeta member that is temporarily or permanently suspended.

3 charges.
The company reserves the right to charge "services" at the first notice to you. Because of your transactions, to the company gets paid services or contact the company server and all taxable Fu, costs and related hardware, software, communication, service network and other aspects were by your borne. The company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently change or stop some or all of the "services" in the case of a Shandong Iraeta site, without a written notice.

4.Shandong Iraeta site only as a trading site.
The company's website is only as a user to identify the transaction object, the transaction of goods and services to negotiate, and access to all kinds of trade related services. But the company cannot control transactions involving goods quality, safety or legality, the truth or accuracy of the trading information, and the parties to the transaction perform its obligations under the trade agreement. The company can not control the transaction parties can fulfill the obligations of the agreement. In addition, you should notice that the risk of trading in a foreign country, a minor, or a person who acts as a fraud is an objective existence.

5 your information and items for sale.
"Your information including you in registration, transactions or list items, in any public information situation or through any form of electronic mail, the company or other user to provide any information, including data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, pictures, images, words, or other materials. You should take full responsibility for your information, and the company is only as a passive channel for you to publish and publish your information on the Internet. However, if the company that your material may enable the company to bear any legal or moral obligation, or may make the company (in whole or in part) lost the company's Internet service provider or other vendor's service, or you not within the period prescribed by the Shandong Iraeta or login again login website, the company can be the sole decision of your material to take the Company deems necessary or appropriate to any action, including but not limited to delete the data. You hereby warrant that you have all the rights to the "your information", including all copyrights, to the Shandong Iraeta . You acknowledge that Shandong Iraeta no obligation to identified or decision you submit to the company's information which should be protected, to enjoy "and" other users use your material, the company also does not need to responsible for.

5.1 registration obligations.
If you are registered in Shandong Iraeta , you agree to:
(a) to provide information on your or your company's true, accurate, complete and reflect current information on your or your company, according to the requirements of the membership information provided on the Shandong Iraeta web site (
). (b) maintain and update member information in a timely manner to maintain the true, accurate, complete and reflect current situation. If you provide any untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or not reflect the current situation of information, or Shandong Iraeta has reasonable grounds to suspect the untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or not reflect the current situation, Shandong Iraeta has the right to suspend or terminate your registration ID and data, and refused to you in at present or in the future to service (or any part thereof) in any form of use. If you represent a company or other legal entity in the company registration, you declare and guarantee that you have the right to make the company or other legal subject subject to the terms of this agreement.

5.2 member registration, password and confidentiality.
In the registration process, you will select a member to register the name and password. You will be responsible for keeping your membership registration and password confidential, and will be responsible for all activities that occur under your member name and password. You agree:
(a) if any person is found to be unauthorized use of your registered name or password, or any other information that is in violation of the provisions of the code, you will immediately notify
; Shandong Iraeta (b) make sure that you leave the site at the right steps at the end of each session. Shandong Iraeta could not be responsible for any loss or damage to you as a result of your failure to comply with the provisions of this paragraph.

5.3 rules for your information.
You agree that your material and you for traded in the Shandong Iraeta web site any items "(refers to all available legal transaction, tangible or intangible, in various forms of some specific items, or some rights or interests, or some kind of notes or securities, or a certain services or performance. The word "article" in this Agreement contains the meaning of the word "

" A. there will be no fraud, no fraud or theft,
B. does not infringe upon any of the third persons entitled to the property, or copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property, or the right of privacy, reputation,
C. not in violation of any laws, regulations, rules or regulations (including, but not limited to, about the management practices of export, trade quotas, consumer protection, unfair competition or false advertising laws, regulations, rules or regulations); < br / > D. does not include the content of libel (including commercial libel), illegal intimidation or unlawful harassment;
E. does not contain obscene, or contains any child pornography;
< br / > F. does not contain deliberate destruction and malicious interference, secretly intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information to any virus, camouflage destruction procedures, computer worms, program timing bomb or other computer program G. will not be directly or indirectly connected with the following goods or services, or include a description of the following goods or services:
  (I) the goods or services prohibited under this Agreement; or
  (II) the goods or services you have no right to connect or include.
In addition, you agree not to:
(H) and any chain letters, a large number of random mail e-mail, junk email or any copy or redundant information related aspects in use "service"; < br / > (I) without the consent of other persons, the use of the "service" to collect the email addresses and other information of other persons; or
(J) use the "services" to create false email addresses, or to mislead others in other forms of the source of the identity or information of the sender.

5.4 prohibited items.
You are not allowed to trade on the company's Web site or through the company's website:
(a) any object that may cause the company to violate any relevant laws, regulations, rules or regulations; or
(b) Shandong Iraeta considers that any goods sold in this website should be prohibited or not appropriate.

6 you grant permission to use the company.
You grant the company an exclusive, worldwide, permanent and free of license use rights (and right in the multiple layer facing the right of authorization), so that the company has the right (in whole or in part to use, copy, revision, rewriting, publish, translate and distribute, implement and show your material or its derivative works, and / or to now known or later developed any form, media or technology, "your information into other works.

7 privacy.
Although there are sixth licensed use rights, Shandong Iraeta will only use your information in accordance with the company's privacy statement ". The full terms of the company's privacy statement are part of this agreement, so you must read it carefully. Please note that once you have voluntarily disclosed the information in the Shandong Iraeta transaction, the information is likely to be acquired and used by other people.

8 trading procedures.
8.1 add product description entries.
Product description is a description of the text, pictures and / or pictures displayed on the Shandong Iraeta website, which can be
(a) a description of the products you wish to sell; or
(b) a description of the product you are looking for. You can describe on the website of the Shandong Iraeta publish any of the products, or two types also released, is the condition, you must the product description subsumes the correct category within.
Shandong Iraeta is responsible for the accuracy or content of the product description.

8.2 negotiation on the transaction.
The parties to the transaction through the offer and offer a clear description on the Shandong Iraeta website, negotiate with each other. All parties accept the offer or offer will make the Shandong Iraeta user is obligated to complete the transaction. Except in special circumstances, such as the user in your proposed report disk and substantive change description of goods or clarify any text input error, or that you fail to confirm transactions involving the user identity of, offer and acceptance shall be withdrawn.

8.3 deal with trade disputes.
The company will not be involved in the transaction of all parties involved. If you and one or more a of the user, or with you through the website of the company get the services of the third party service provider dispute, you remove the Shandong Iraeta (and the company agents and employees) in caused by the dispute, or in any way and the controversy of different types and nature of any (actual and consequential rights advocate, requirements and damage compensation and other aspects of responsibility.

8.4 use common sense.
The company can't also try to control the information provided by other users through the "services". On the nature, other users of information, may is objectionable, harmful or inaccurate of, and in some cases may with wrong signs instructions or by deception and identification. The company wants you to use the company's Web site, be careful and use common sense.

9 trading system.

9.1 not to manipulate transactions.
You agree not to use the results of a business negotiation conducted by the other party, which is not used to help achieve the fraud or deception of the intent of the partner (subordinate or third party).

9.2 system integrity.
You agree that you may not use any device, software or routine procedures to interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the Shandong Iraeta website or any transaction on the company's website. You may not take action on any of the company's network structure with a large load, which will not be reasonable or unreasonable. You may not disclose your password to any third party, or share your password with any third party, or for any unauthorized use of your password.

9.3 feedback.
You may not take any action may damage information feedback system integrity, such as: make use of the second member identity or to a third person for you to leave positive feedback; using the second member identity or the third person for other users to leave negative feedback (feedback data bombing); or in the user failed to perform transactions outside of certain actions, leaving negative feedback (feedback malicious imposed).

9.4 not for commercial use.
You agree that you shall not for any information for commercial use, including but not limited to, not the Shandong Iraeta authorized senior management personnel, without the prior written approval of, copy any information displayed on the Shandong Iraeta website and used for commercial purposes.

10 termination or access restrictions.
You agree that in Shandong Iraeta not charging you. Shandong Iraeta can be the sole decision for any reason (including, but not limited to Shandong Iraeta think if you have violated the agreement of literal meaning and spirit, or you to does not conform to the agreement of the literal meaning and spirit of the act, or you in over a 90 day period of time not to your account number and password to login) to terminate your service password, account (or any part thereof) or you to service use, and remove and discard you in the use of "service" submit "your data. You agree that, in the case of the Shandong Iraeta charges to you, the Shandong Iraeta should be based on reasonable doubt and the behavior of the termination of the service is implemented in the case of an email notification. Shandong Iraeta at the same time, it can make its own decisions, at any time to stop providing the "service" or any part thereof. You agree that according to any of the provisions of this agreement terminate your use of the service measures can be implemented without a prior notice and acknowledge and agree that Shandong Iraeta immediately so that your account is invalid, or cancel your account and within your account of all the relevant information and archives, and / or prohibit you further access to the archives or "service". After the termination of the account, Shandong Iraeta is not obligated to retain any information about the original account, or to forward any information that has not read or sent to you or the third party. In addition, you agree that Shandong Iraeta will not take any responsibility for you or any third party to terminate your access to "services". 13, twelfth, 14 and 22 shall continue to be valid after the termination of this agreement.

11 What are the consequences of violating the rules?
In does not limit the other remedial measures under the premise, occurred in any of the following circumstances, the company can immediately issued a warning, suspend, permanent suspension or termination of your membership, delete any of your existing product information, and any other information you show on the website: < br / > (I) you are in breach of this Agreement;
(II) the company is unable to verify or verify any information provided to the company; or
(III) the company believes that your actions may cause any legal responsibility for the third party to provide services to the company or the company's Web site. Shandong Iraeta may suspend or terminate your account if you find that you are engaged in the activities of the company's Web site.

12 service "by status quo".
The company will make every effort to make you have fun in the process of using Shandong Iraeta website. Unfortunately, the company can't foresee any technical problems or other difficulties. Such problems may result in data loss or other service disruption. To do this, you clearly understand and agree that you use the "service" of the risk by your own. "Service" to "press the status quo" and "on the basis of available" basis. Shandong Iraeta clear statement does not make any kind of all express or implied guarantees, including but not limited to, on the merchantability, suitable for a particular purpose and no infringement of the guarantee. Shandong Iraeta does not guarantee the following:
(I) "service" will be in accordance with your request;
(II) "service" will not be interrupted, and timely, safe and without any errors;
(III) the results obtained by using the "services" may be accurate or reliable;
(IV) any product, service, information or other material that you purchased or acquired through the "service" will be in line with your expectations. Through the use of "service" download or other forms of access to any material which is your sole discretion of the and and the related risk borne by you, for for you to download any of the materials and the occurrence of your computer system of any damage or any loss of data, you will be on their own responsibility. Any verbal or written opinion or information obtained from the Shandong Iraeta or through or from the "services" does not produce any assurance that is expressly stated in this agreement.

13 responsibility range.
You expressly understand and agree that Shandong Iraeta misalignment due to either of the following occurs in any of the damage compensation responsibility, including but not limited to loss of profits, goodwill, and data or other intangible losses damages (whether Shandong Iraeta whether has been advised of the possibility of such damages):
(I) use or fail to use the "services";
(II) by or from the service to purchase or acquire any goods, samples, data, information or services, or through or from the service receiving any information or to conclude any exchange of access to the cost of alternative goods and services; < br / > (III) without permission to access or change your data or data;
(IV) any statement of "service" or "service" of any third party, or any other matter arising from any cause, including neglect.

14 compensation.
You agree that for you violate this agreement or the mentioned here and into other documents related to this agreement, or because you are in violation of the law or violation of rights of the third party, the third party of Shandong Iraeta and its subsidiaries, branch, directors, employees, agents claim (including the cost cost of our method and other professionals), you must compensate to Shandong Iraeta and its subsidiaries, the company, the directors, staff, agents, and avoid losses.

15 comply with the law.
You should abide by and your use of the services, and with your bidding, purchase and sale of any goods and provide trade information about all relevant laws, regulations, rules and regulations.

16 no agency relationship.
You and Shandong Iraeta are only independent contractor relationship. This agreement has no intention of forming or creating any agency, partnership, joint venture, employment and the grant of the right to be hired or chartered to be awarded.

17 advertising and financial services.
You and the "service" or by "service" to identify published advertising people communication or business or participating in the promotion activities, including related goods or services, payment and delivery of related goods or services, and related to the business of any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations, limited to happen between you and the advertising people. You agree that for due to any of the business or because of the advertising people and the occurrence of any kind of any loss or damage in the "service", Shandong Iraeta without responsible or liable for any responsibility. If you want to through the "service" to create or involved with any company, stock market, investment or securities of any service, or through the service charge or requirements and any company, stock market, investment or securities of any news and information, alert information or other information, please pay attention to, Shandong Iraeta not through service delivery of any such information accuracy, usefulness or availability, profit be responsible or liable for any liability, and not on the basis of the information and make any trading or investment decisions responsible or assume any responsibility.

18 link.
"Service" or the third person may provide links to other world wide web sites or resources. Due to Shandong Iraeta does not control the sites and resources, you acknowledge that and agree to, Shandong Iraeta is not the external site or resource availability in the responsible and does not endorse the sites or resources or can be obtained from the site or resource of any content, promotion, product, service, or other materials, nor the responsible or liable for any responsibility. You further acknowledge and agree that for any due to use of and reliance from such websites or resources to get such content, promotion, product, service, or other materials cause and (or claimed to be caused by a) of any direct or indirect loss, Shandong Iraeta shall not bear the responsibility.

19 notice.
Unless expressly provided otherwise, any notice should be sent by email in the form, it is Shandong Iraeta ) an e-mail address for the suffix domain name address, or (for you) is sent to the email address provided by you to the Shandong Iraeta in the registration process, or relevant parties refers to clear the other address. In twenty-four (24) hours after the E - mail is sent, the notice shall be deemed to have been served unless the sender is informed that the relevant e - mail address has been cancelled. Or, the company may by prepaid registered mail, return receipt requested, will notice sent to the address provided by you to the Shandong Iraeta during the registration process. In this case, in three (3) days after the date of posting notices shall be deemed to have been served.

20 force majeure.
For for the company reasonable outside the control of the reasons, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, strikes and riots, material shortages and rationing, riots, acts of war, government behavior, communication or other facilities failure accidents or, resulting in the delay or failure to perform, not Shandong Iraeta you bear any responsibility.

21 transfer.
Shandong Iraeta assignment of this Agreement without the consent of you.

22 other provisions.
This Agreement replaces any written or oral agreement made by you and Shandong Iraeta in the same matter. All aspects of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the people's Republic of China. If any provision of this agreement is found to be invalid or not enforceable, the provision shall be revoked, and the remaining provisions shall be implemented. The terms and conditions are not only convenient to see, but not in any way to define, limit, explain or describe the scope or extent of the terms. The company did not you or other person in a breach of contract action, does not mean that the company to withdraw on the rights of any subsequent or similar event of default action.

23 litigation.
Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the service of the company shall be brought to the people's court and the people's Republic of China shall be governed by the laws of the people's Republic of China.